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What is Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is an important event celebrated throughout India with energy and spirit. The celebration begins by inviting brothers to a lavish dinner of their favorite desserts or dishes. The entire event is a symbol of the brothers’ vow to safeguard his sister, whereas sisters pray to God and offer her blessings to ensure her son’s safety.

Rituals and customs about Bhai Dooj

To commemorate the event traditionally, sisters prepare a table for their brothers with the rice flour to complete the ritual. Next, a paste of vermillion dahi, rice, and vermillion are placed as a tika of religious significance to the face of the brother. Following this, the sister puts flowers of Kaddu and betel leaves coins and betel nuts in her brother’s palms and then slowly chants the mantras, applying water to the palm. When the mantras are chanted, or the prayer is offered to Yama. Yama God, the Death God, is “O Yamaraj, I am offering this sacrifice to You.”


Then is completed, a Kalawa is tied to the palm, and the aarti is then performed by the sister afterward. Finally, a lamp facing south direction is illuminated and is thought to be a positive sign to spot flying kites in the sky to grant your wishes. Brothers also receive their most loved sweets, along with drinking water to taste the delicious food. It is also a time to swap Bhai Dooj presents between brother and sister during the celebration and blessings from the elders.


Gifts and gift cards to celebrate the celebration


No matter how small or large, each celebration is not complete without the inclusion of beautiful gifts. Since the event is a sign of the bond between siblings, Brothers and sisters must search for unique Bhai Dooj-themed gifts from an offline or online store for gifts. Brothers can purchase unique gift hampers, a gift box of chocolates and soft toys, personalized gifts, and other things to present their loved sister on this auspicious day. Sisters can also look for Bhai Dooj-Pooja Thali, traditional sweets, exotic chocolate, personalized mug cushions, photo frames, table lamp, and other items that will strengthen their bonds with their siblings to the fullest degree. This gift exchange and gifts to return by siblings to one another is now a major element of the current celebration of this holiday with the people.


Festival of Bhai Dooj across various states of India

West Bengal: The occasion is also known as Bhai Phone and falls on the second or first morning of the festival of Kali. It is a celebration of various rituals and a large celebration for brothers. The festival is open to both siblings and brothers over five years old. First, sisters fast in the morning until the traditional rituals are complete. Then, a tilak made from Ghee and the sandalwood (Chandan) and the kohl (kajal) is put to the forehead of the brother to request his long-term health from God. The traditional sweets include Kheer and coconut laddoos, which make a few of the most requested dishes for the celebration.


Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana and GoaHaryana, Maharashtra, and Goa Marathi people from Maharashtra and Goa are celebrating this sibling celebration in the form of Bhav Bij. Sisters draw a circle on the floor, where brothers are forced to take a seat after eating the bitter fruit called Karith. Wonderful opportunity to celebrate a family reunion, get together, and build the bond between sisters and brothers. The festival is also known in Bhai Bij (or Bhau Bij within Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, and Karnataka. In Gujarat, it is celebrated as Bhai Beej by putting on traditional tilak and the Aarti, or prayer.


For states such as Maharashtra and Haryana, the festival is typically celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy. Sisters who don’t have brothers offer their prayers towards the moon God instead. Girls also place Mehendi in their hands to mark a unique custom. Bhai Bij presents are also shared among siblings and brothers as a sign of affection and love. They are considered to be an integral part of the festival. Basundi Poori or Kheerni Poori and Shrikhand Poori are among the most popular dishes served during the festival.


Bihar way Bihar celebrates Bihar’s festival Bihar is unique and somewhat bizarre. In Bihar, sisters throw out the most outrageous curses and abuses towards their brothers and then poke their tongues as a punishment and ask to be forgiven by them. Brothers then are blessed by their sisters and ask for their health.


Bhai Tika Bhai Tika in NepalBhai Tika in Nepal – This festival occurs in Nepal and is among the most significant festivals after Dashain (Vijaya Dussehra/Dashami). It is also often referred to as Bhaitihar, which translates to brothers. The festival is observed during day three of the Tyohar festival. The festival is celebrated with a special prayer for Yamraj by sisters to ensure the health and longevity of their brother. A seven-colored lengthy Tika is also sprayed to brothers’ foreheads by their sisters. The festival is also popularly celebrated among Newari, Maithali, Tharu, Bahun, and Chhetri in Nepal.

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