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Summer Tips for Health

It’s important to be safe in the summer.

The summer season is here, and the dramatic effects are starting to occur. Temperatures have been rising at an alarming rate, harming our health. Heatstroke, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration are consequences of excessive heat. Keeping your body cool and hydrated is possible by living a healthy lifestyle. But, it’s also important to consider how you dress, your working nature, your food habit, your traditional medicines, and what sunscreens you use.
Volatilities can be dangerous, so it is important to be cautious. This blog is designed to make your summers enjoyable and relaxing. Some simple tips will help you avoid skin damage, dehydration, and other health problems caused by excessive heat. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a healthy, protected summer.


Summer tips to stay healthy

General ideas

Keep hydrated by drinking more water, but not too much at a time, and drink regularly.

Avoid spicy and hot food.

Avoid going outside during the afternoon.

drink Coconut water

wear a loose cotton dress

Stay Healthy with Ayurvedic Summer tips

soak vetiver in water for 12 hours and drink that water every time

Avoid using refrigerated water and drink pot water

Soak fenugreek in water or curd and drink in the morning time

Stay Healthy with lotions and sunscreens