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Krishna Janmashtami/ Gokul Ashtami

A Hindu festival named Krishna Janmashtami or Gokul Ashtami. Janmashtami means birthday of Lord Krishna. However, to be more specific, it is said that it is the biggest celebration in those who follow the Vaishnavism practice of Hinduism. This festival is mostly observed by those living in Mathura along with Vrindavan from Uttar Pradesh, beliving birthplace of Krishna, Udupi Krishna Temple in Karnataka, Guruvayurappan Temple in Kerala, Tirupathi temple at Andra Pradesh, Panduranga at pandaripuram in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Varagur sri venkatesa perumal temple tanjore district of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh from Southern India, West Bengal, Manipur, Assam, and Odisha within Eastern India, and Rajasthan and Gujarat from Western India.

In all places with Vaishnava temples, The Janmashtami countdown begins at dawn and continues throughout the day until midnight, which is the time of Krishna’s birth.

The newborn babies are all dressed up or makeup like Krishna on that day because most peoples believe that Sri Krishna is born to save them from struggles.

Krishna Janmashtami
Krishna Janmashtami and celebrations

Kirtan – the heartfelt worship Lord Krishna songs that a group of singers performs is the norm during this festival. It is a time of fasting for all crucial times, i.e., from dawn to midnight. The Kirtan music dancing, prayer, drama, and so on. Keeps the crowd entertained all through the fast. Most Krishna temples incorporate the performance of a dance show called “Raas-Lila” and the recitation of Krishna dialogues from the Bhagwad Gita. These usually begin just a few days before the Janmashtami day.

Uriadi function is most famous all among in this function, a pot or bunch of gift voucher will tie with a rope or shining tree, so a group of team members will try to get the benefits of gifts very interesting to see this kind of program on that day.

The devotees decorate garlands, bathe in the shrine of Krishna in water that is fragrant, read religious texts, and more. The ritual bathing Lord Krishna in various aromatic and sacred waters is known as Abhishek. Then, when midnight rolls around, the timer goes to midnight. Finally, the temple priest pulls the curtain to reveal the newly outfitted Lord Krishna idol, decorated with various ornaments.

Sweet Sedai, salt Sedai, athirasam, kai murukku, thattai, butter are a few snacks prepared for devotees and guests.


Krishna Janmashtami

2022 – 19 August

2023- 7 September