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Inspiring Eco Friendly Gifts

It can be difficult to think of something that won’t end up in the landfill, but there are plenty of thoughtful gifts out there made from sustainable materials. These ideas are ideal for those looking to make an impact on the planet while also making sure that the recipient enjoys the gift.

A reusable water bottle is a great eco-friendly gift for anyone who’s looking to cut back on single-use plastic, whether they’re a hiker or just want to be more sustainable in their everyday life. The Traveler reusable bottle from Welly has an insulated stainless steel body and bamboo cap that keeps their water cold without using any plastic bottles.

An ethically sourced tea bundle is another great option for a gift that’s good for the environment and the taste buds. These loose leaf teas are curated for their quality and low impact on the planet.

A sustainable t shirt is a simple, affordable gift that’s eco-friendly and can be worn by just about anybody. Thread 4 Thought offers a range of women’s and men’s t-shirts that use organic cotton, Lenzing modal and recycled polyester.

Planting a tree is a very special eco-friendly gift that can be used to pay tribute to your loved one, while helping out the environment at the same time. If you’re in the UK, check out One Tree Planted’s Tree for Every Dollar program that plants a tree for each dollar you spend.

Eco Friendly Gifts to India

Are you looking for gifts that are both eco-friendly and thoughtful? If so, you’re in the right place. Browse our wide selection of gifts to India and get inspired by what we have to offer!

Green Gifts for Kids: A kid’s canvas tote bag is a great eco friendly gift for a girl who loves to carry her world with her. It is reusable, washable, and fashionably trendy!

Succulent Plants: Gifting a succulent is an easy and effective way to make your loved ones aware of the importance of environment protection. The best part is that these beautiful plants are hardy, and they grow with minimum care!

Bamboo Stationery: Pens, pencils and other stationery items made of sustainable bamboo are a great way to show your environmental consciousness. They are easy to grow and they help reduce plastic waste.

Corporate Gifts: Give your employees and their colleagues a gift that they will cherish for years to come. OffiNeeds offers a range of corporate gifts that can be customized with your company name, logo and employee names. These are also eco-friendly and can be used as event giveaways.

Home & Living Solutions: OffiNeeds also has an extensive selection of eco-friendly gifts for the home & living spaces. These gifts include living frames, 3 in 1 DIY grow kit, plantable pencils, and much more.

Minimalist Personal Care Starter: Gift your loved one a minimalist personal care starter box that contains all the essentials they need to start off with a clean slate. The kit includes a handcrafted candle, neem wood comb, bamboo toothbrush and other eco-friendly products that they can use for everyday tasks.

Unique Eco Friendly Gifts

Buying gifts is a great way to make someone feel special, but it also contributes to waste. Instead of grabbing a roll of wrapping paper, try using unused boxes, paper bags and unbleached twine. It can be a bit hard to find recycled gift wrap, but it’s worth a search!

A reusable water bottle is a classic gift but Klean Kanteen takes the idea one step further by designing its bottles to the highest environmental standards. Its powerful insulation keeps cold drinks cool and warm drinks warm for hours.

Plastic straws are a common household waste, but these pastel-colored silicone ones are soft to the touch and odor-free. They come in a 100% recyclable tray and are easy to clean.

Reusable towels are an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, as they’re extremely absorbent and save your giftee the hassle of ripping and disposing of a single-use towel. They’re machine washable and available in a variety of prints.

A tabletop compost bin is a great way to cut down on food waste. This odor-free receptacle stores scraps in a separate container, and then it turns them into fertilizer for the garden when you’re ready to use them.

Shower Routine Set
A sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and body soap set made from natural ingredients is a perfect gift for those who need an upgrade to their bathroom routine. All products are packaged in recyclable aluminum bottles, and they’re also sold with a subscription option to reduce excessive packaging.

Eco Friendly Gifts For Him

Eco friendly gifts for him are an excellent way to show the man in your life that you care about their wellbeing and the planet. They’re practical, unique, and can help them live a more conscious lifestyle.

Candles made from natural and organic materials are an excellent eco gift idea. Many brands make candles that are completely petrochemical free, using natural and ethically sourced ingredients like beeswax and soy wax.

He’ll love the aromas that these candles release, and they’re great for a man who enjoys scents that are masculine yet earthy. Choose a brand that is committed to a transparent manufacturing process, using natural and organic ingredients, and making sure their products are not tested on animals.

Kitchen gear is also a great choice for eco gifts, especially if the man in your life is interested in a more conscious lifestyle. A great gift for a baker or cook would be a stylish apron that’s made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with plant-based colors.

A zero waste dish soap bar is another simple and eco-friendly choice that will be a welcome addition to his kitchen. These bars are crafted from all-natural ingredients, making them safe for the environment and gentle on his skin.

Shaving is one of the most important steps in a man’s personal hygiene routine, so why not give him an eco-friendly razor? Bambaw’s double-edged safety razor is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials and comes with a user manual that’ll help to increase its lifespan.

Eco Friendly Gifts For Her

Whether you’re gifting her with something practical or a little more indulgent, these Eco friendly gifts are sure to please. Designed to be used and re-used time and again, each one helps reduce waste while being an environmentally responsible choice.

Stylish Sustainable Earrings
These geometric earrings are made from recycled materials like reclaimed wood and inlaid turquoise and copper. They’re a beautiful addition to any outfit and the perfect holiday gift.

Reusable Sheet Masks
Instead of throwing a face mask in the trash, try giving your friend this silicone option that produces 93% less carbon emissions than traditional ones. It can be paired with any serum or moisturizer and comes in two sizes with stretchy ear loops for the perfect fit.

Embrace Nature
If your friend loves natural beauty products, they’re going to appreciate this naturally dyed reusable cotton tote that uses only botanically-dyed fabrics. Unlike plastic, this tote is crafted without harmful chemicals and is machine washable so it’s safe to reuse again and again.

Cow Horn Combs
If you want to buck the trend of plastic, look for a more sustainable option like these combs that are made from recycled cow and sheep horns. Not only are they a gorgeous addition to any hairstyle, but they’re also a way to support artisans in Morocco and save a lot of animal waste.

Compost Bins
If a composting enthusiast in your life is looking for a gift that will help them cut down on waste, this top-rated stainless steel model from Epica can do the job. It’s odor free and can handle a lot of scraps in one go.

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