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Gifts For Men Under 500

How to choose gifts for men under 500 rupee limit? Getting gifts for your guy is an art! You can do it without spending a lot of money! You can even get him multiple gifts at a low price. Listed below are some gift ideas for men under 500 rupee limit. You can find many meaningful gifts from this category. They can be used for a variety of occasions, and you can even find several options in one.

gifts for men under 500

Unique Gift for men under 500

If you are wondering how to buy a gift for your man under 500 rupees, you may have come to the right place. I have listed down some handcrafted gifts for him, Bluetooth speaker, Fountain pen, and a Bluetooth speaker. Each of these gifts will surely delight your man. And if you have a tight budget, you can even try handcrafting it. Here are some more gift ideas for men under 500 rupees that will surely impress your man.

Affordable yet impressive : 5 Gifts for men under 500 rupees

Smart band fitness tracker watch

If you want to make your man feel more special, gift him a smart band fitness tracker watch. These fitness gadgets are sweat and water-resistant. They also have an inbuilt microphone and a voice assistant. They are also lightweight and available in active black color. Among other gifts for men under 500 rupees, these earphones are the most popular among men in India.

Decorative plant

If you don’t want to break the bank, gift him a decorative plant. This gift is not only unique and practical, but it will help your receiver decorate his office or home. It comes with a peel-off merry Christmas sticker on the bottom. You can easily buy this gift under 500 rupees for your guy. You can even get a few of these for yourself!

Aside from handcrafted gifts

you can also try crack of dawn crafts. These gifts come in a variety of colors and styles. You can even personalize it with photos or messages. The best part is, this gift does not cost you more than Rs 500! This is definitely a great gift under 500 rupees for your man. If you are unsure, try to find a personalized gift.


A wallet for men should have all the features that a man needs from a wallet. The wallet must be modern, stylish, and durable. It should be made of durable material that is soft to the touch. It should be large enough to hold credit cards or identification cards.

You should have several pockets and compartments for your money. Multi-compartment wallets make it easier to organize your cash. You should have a zipper pocket to keep your coins safe.

A leather wallet is a timeless choice for the stylish man. Even RFID blocking technology is available. This is a great everyday option as it can be worn with any outfit.

Magnifier projector gifts for men under 500

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or to take care of personal needs, a Magnifier projector for men is an excellent option. For a price of under 500 rupees, you can own one that’s portable, foldable and works with your smartphone. A projection alarm clock, which can display vibrant colours from the night sky, is another great option. These clocks are powered by batteries, and they’re easy to use.

Gifts for him : 5 budget friendly ideas under 500 rupees

Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most convenient gadgets today. These can be easily carried anywhere because they have rugged bodies and compact size. A bluetooth speaker under 500 rupees doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can get a quality one in the same price range as those costing a few thousand rupees. Here are some top picks in the budget segment. We’ll look at some of the features of these speakers.

Mood lamp Gifts for men under 500

The Mood Lamp Bluetooth Speaker is a unique gift for a man who enjoys listening to music. This stylish lamp features an adjustable Bluetooth speaker that can be customized with his picture or name. Besides the Bluetooth speaker, a Mood Lamp can be a great decorative item for any room. Whether your man prefers a simple lamp, a multi-purpose one or a mood lamp with several different functions, these items can be a great buy.

Unique gifts

Gifts are special when they have emotions attached to them. SendBestGift, an online store that has gifts for everyone, understands these feelings and offers pocket-friendly gifting options. It is an excellent way to show your love and affection to your loved one. If you are not sure about how to purchase a gift, send it to a person who you care about. Here, you will find unique gifts for men under 500 rupees in India.

Budget-friendly gifts

A great way to treat a man to something tasty and healthy is by giving him a box of dark chocolate. For under Rs 500, you can buy a box of quality dark chocolate. Or, why not try giving him a photo frame and a bar of chocolate? It will surely make his day, as he can immortalize his best memories in a frame while enjoying chocolates. Sling bags are another great choice of gifts that are convenient and economical. You can find these bags online for less than 500 rupees. And don’t forget to pick up a nice bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion.

Earphones with Mic

Let go of all worries and sink into the sounds that bring the soul to living. The BassHead will fix your head, and keep your mind engaged. Enjoy the Vibe. Get through your day by wearing the stylish and sophisticated appearance that accentuates the power and power of BassHeads. The BassHeads are available in a variety of colors to match your style and energy

Shop smart : Our top picks for mens gifts under 500 rupees

Sports Digital Black Dial Mens

Fashionable, fashionable, and comfortable to fit all wrists. It’s easy to secure for maximum effectiveness and durability. It comes with a gorgeous box that makes this a great present that is elegant and elegant.

Selfie stick gifts for men under 500

Looking for a gift for your man but do not have a lot of cash to spend? If you are on a tight budget, a quirky gift can bring a smile to his face. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make him smile; you can get a selfie stick, a cool mobile cover, or a gag gift. Here are some unique gifts for men that will cost less than 500 rupees!

Handcrafted gifts

Handcrafted gifts are an excellent gift for your man because they have an added meaning and can be used again. One such gift that is both meaningful and affordable is a crack of dawn crafts. The craft can be personalized with a photo and a message. A handmade gift such as this is an ideal gift for a man under 500 rupees. Just make sure that you print the photo and add it to the craft.

Stylish wallet gifts for men under 500

Looking for a gift for your man that will not break your budget? If your budget doesn’t stretch to the five-figure mark, consider handcrafted gifts. For under 500 rupees, you can find a great assortment of personalized gift items. From a stylish wallet to an ingenious projection alarm clock, your gift for him is sure to delight. This gift idea will keep him entertained all day long. It will not only look great on his nightstand, but he’ll also be happy to use it.

Bags for travel with side shoulder designed for males

The bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry. You can use it as a shoulder bag for men, messenger bag for men, and laptop bag with leather. Men. The laptop shoulder bag is very thick and has protection padding at the bottom. It can be used for side bags for men, bags for women, side bags for men, side bags for males, office bags for women, gifts for men, and other purposes. You can use it for interview purposes or as a bag for interviews.

It is very well organized. It has a main compartment that holds a laptop and an iPad Pro slot. The smart case and keyboard can fit in the iPad Pro’s 11 inch size. It can be used as a female office bag or men’s office bag.

Small budget, big impact : Our favorite Gifts for men under 500 rupess

Handmade Gifts

If you’re looking for a gift that makes a lasting impression, consider handmade gifts. These gifts are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event, a thoughtful gift for a man can be a perfect choice for showing your appreciation for your man. You’ll have no trouble finding gifts that are under five hundred rupees, but they’ll surely make your man feel special.

Fountain Pen Gifts for men under 500

A fountain pen for men can be an expensive purchase, especially if you want a premium brand. But you don’t have to spend too much to get a quality fountain pen. In fact, you can even purchase a quality one for under Rs 500, provided you know where to look. There are many affordable options available for men under 500 rupees, which are listed below. Then, there are other options that are not listed here.

Vintage style belt lover

If you want to change your appearance, belts are an integral component of accessories for males. It provides a distinct striking contrast to the middle section and lower body . It also enhances the overall style of the outfit. A belt when worn with a denim top or a chinos or a casual pants can help make your look more distinct

Multifunctional Organizer Bag for Household Business Vacations

The tough, water-resistant and durable fabric is easy to clean and dry quickly. The zippers are all smooth and easy to use. Heavy-duty hanging hooks to reduce space and provide quick access.

A large capacity will meet your needs. It fits a full-size bottle, which is ideal for long-term travel or family/couples. It can hold your makeup shampoo soap, toothbrush, shaving kit, toothpaste, and many more in one location.

Travel more comfortable and conveniently to keep everything you require all in one place.