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Ganga Sapthami

ganga sapthami

Ganga Jayanti (also known as Ganga Saptami, Ganga Pujan) is a Hindu festival that celebrates Goddess Ganga. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Ganga was reborn at Saptami Tithi in Vaishakha Shukla Paksha. Hindu devotees gather on the banks of Ganga Saptami to worship Goddess Ganga. On this day, take a dip in Ganga.
Hinduism considers Ganga the holiest river. It is also worshipped as a goddess. Ganga Saptami, which is dedicated to Goddess Ganga, is considered an auspicious day in Hinduism and is therefore dedicated to Goddess Ganga. This day is also known as Jahnu Saptami and Ganga Pujan, which is a celebration to honour the rebirth of Goddess Ganga.
According to Hindu scriptures, Goddess Ganga descends to Earth on Ganga Dussehra Day. Lord Shiva had Ganga stop Ganga from sweeping the entire Earth away. Lord Shiva later released Ganga to enable her to complete her mission of purging the cursed souls from Bhagiratha’s forefathers.
On her way to Bhagiratha, Ganga’s powerful flow and turbulent water destroyed Jahnu’s Ashram. Sage Jahnu was angry, and he drank all Ganga’s water. Bhagiratha and other gods asked Rishi Jahnu for Ganga’s release so that she could continue her mission. Sage Jahnu granted Ganga his freedom. On the Saptami of Vaishakha Shukla Paksha, Rishi Jahnu freed Ganga from the ear. The day is known as Jahnu Saptami because Ganga, also known by Jahnavi, is considered to be Rishi Jahnu’s daughter.

Up coming Ganga sapthami dates:

June 9 2022