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English Attitude Status: The Best English Quotes for Your Social Media

You are looking for the best English attitude status on Facebook to show off your personality and confidence? You’ve come to the right place! Look no further!

Our selection includes a variety of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to show your unapologetic approach, to share your commitment to achieving your goals, to add some swag to posts, or to simply express yourself, there is something here for everyone.

English Attitude Status

These powerful attitude status updates will let your followers and friends know you are a force. Make a bold statement with your style and words.

Browse through our collection of English attitude quotes on social media and let your true personality shine. Your attitude should reflect your personality. Let the world know you are ready to take on anything!

60 Best English Attitude Status -Wellstuf

  1. I am not here to blend into the crowd; I am here to stand out.
  2. Having fun is a key component of success.
  3. I’m confident that I can do it, despite the fact I don’t have everything figured out.
  4. “Like a reflection, my attitude reflects how you treat. 
  5. The speaker stated, “I am here to be true to myself and not to please others.”
  6. “I am the creator of my own fate; I’m not a product of circumstances. 
  7. “I am a priority and not a backup. Please treat my as such. 
  8. I do not fear failure, because I view it as a step towards success.
  9. “I am competing against the person that I was yesterday, not with other people. 
  10. “I don’t need your approval. You don’t decide how valuable I’m.”
  11. The speaker stated, “I am here to exceed expectations, not just meet them.”
  12. “I embrace my uniqueness. I don’t chase perfection.”
  13. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come, I create them.
  14. “I am not daydreaming, I’m taking brave steps to make my dream come true.”
  15. “I am learning to dance in the storm, so I don’t fear it.”
  16. “I am not interested in flimsy relationships; I want true soul connections.”
  17. My life is shaped by the lessons that I have learned and not my past.
  18. I am here to find my own way, not to be a follower of the crowd.
  19. “I am manifesting my wildest dream; I will not settle for anything less.”
  20. Instead of focusing on my setbacks, I use them as fuel to help me make a comeback.
  21. “I don’t seek approval, I just want to accept myself.”
  22. I am intrigued by the possibilities it offers, but not afraid of the unknown.
  23. I tell people, “I don’t fear being different. I am afraid of being normal.”
  24. “I am not here to compete with others; I am here to work together and progress.”
  25. I live my life according to my own terms and not just to get by.
  26. Though I am silent, my mind is constantly whirring with ideas.
  27. I am not here just to blend in. I want to excel here.
  28. “I will not accept anything less than I deserve.”
  29. I don’t fear difficulties because I love them.
  30. “I am a first class option, I’m no backup.”
  31. Your actions have affected my attitude. You might change your attitude if you do not like it.
  32. I don’t want your negativity. I am too busy with my positives.
  33. “I’m more afraid of failure than of giving up.”
  34. “I do not have to prove my worth to anyone. I’m a better writer than I am at words.
  35. I want to be my best self, not perfect.
  36. “My aspirations exceed what you imagine.”
  37. “I do not follow trends but I set them,”
  38. The speaker stated, “I only compete with myself to improve every day and not with anyone else.”
  39. The speaker stated, “I am here to be true to myself and not to please others.”
  40. “I may be misunderstood but I will always follow my heart.”
  41. I’m not following your script. I’m here in order to break stereotypes.
  42. “I am not a mass produced copy, I’m a Limited Edition.”
  43. I will not fail; only success is an option.
  44. Don’t confuse my generosity with fragility. I can be both brave and caring.
  45. “I am learning to sail my ship so I don’t fear storms.”
  46. “I’d rather hate myself for what I am than be loved for my flaws.”
  47. “I don’t need approval from you; I know my worth.”
  48. My lawn is too green for me to even notice if yours is.
  49. “I don’t try to convince anyone about anything. I am acting in my own interest.
  50. “I do not consider myself one in a thousand. I’m a person who only lives once.
  51. “I am always me, even though I’m not perfect. Accept it or refuse it.
  52. “I am not arrogant; I am just confident in myself.”
  53. “I don’t follow others; I walk my own path.”
  54. My attitude reflects my personality, so you probably won’t be a fan.
  55. I am not here to impress anyone. I’m here to be me.
  56. “I don’t require your blessing in order to be me.” As I am, I am sufficient.
  57. “Don’t judge me by my past. I don’t live there anymore.
  58. “I’m not interested in being someone’s second option.” I am worth more than that.
  59. You may not be enough for me, if you feel I am too much to handle.
  60. “I am a priority and not a backup.” Please treat me accordingly.”


A status in English can be an effective way to show your personality, individuality, and confidence on social media. You can stand out and make a statement with a variety of quotes that are sassy and bold.

You can let everyone know you’re unapologetically you by choosing the correct attitude status. The right attitude status will elevate your social media presence, whether you’re looking to show your commitment to achieving your goals or just add some swag.

Choose the attitude status you feel most comfortable with. Your words should reflect your personality, and you can show the world how powerful you are. Your attitude is a powerful weapon that you can use to empower and inspire yourself as well as those around you. Let your social media posts radiate confidence and flair by embracing your attitude and embracing yourself.